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European Bread Flours
Jan 17, 2024
European bread flours vary in protein content, which affects the gluten formation and, consequently, the...
How to store your sourdough bread for best freshness
Jul 18, 2023
  How to store your sourdough bread If you're planning to eat your bread a...
Purple Carrot Sourdough Loaf Recipe
Jul 11, 2023
Level up your sourdough journey with a vibrant purple carrot sourdough loaf that tastes just as delicious as it looks!
Kneading bread with hands or a stand mixer?
Jun 27, 2022
You can make bread with good-ol' fashioned elbow grease, but a stand mixer has it's benefits as well. Here are some factors to consider.
The Best Sourdough Bread
Jun 27, 2022
If you've ever wanted to make your own sourdough bread, but did not know where to start, this guide is for you.
Sourdough fermentation
Jun 27, 2022
Leavened breads are slightly puffier than unleavened breads because they contain a small amount of yeast or another leavening agent, Find out more in the blog post!