Demystifying European Bread Flours

Jan 17, 2024Sourdough Supplies

European bread flours vary in protein content, which affects the gluten formation and, consequently, the texture and structure of the bread.

T45: This is a fine, low-protein flour often used in Italian pasta and pastries. Our Plain White Flour has a similar profile to the T45.

T55: These are flours with moderate protein content, typically around 9-11%. This protein level is suitable for a variety of French baked goods, providing a balance between strength and tenderness in the final product. These flours are commonly used for making baguettes and other French breads. Our Premium White Bakers Flour has a similar profile to the T55.

T65: T65 flour is a white flour with a moderate extraction rate. It is not as finely milled as some lower-numbered flours, allowing it to retain more of the wheat's bran and germ. However, it is still a white flour and has a moderate protein content typically ranging from 10% to 11.5%. Our Stoneground White Bakers Flour has a similar profile to the T65.

European Bread Flour Names and Properties 

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