Wholegrain Milling Company

Wholesale - Sustainable Stoneground Whole Spelt Flour 12.5kg / 2.5kg


Sustainable Stoneground Whole Spelt Flour is a stone ground wholemeal flour. The grain passes through a stone mill and all of the bran, germ and endosperm is retained. Th stone milling process gives the flour a stronger flavour and retains more nutrients. Spelt flour has a distinct flavour profile and is low in poorly digestible fructans.

It is wonderful for all your home-baked breads, and perfect for cakes, cookies and fruit loaves, or in any recipe that calls for plain flour.

Ingredients: Sustainable spelt. 12%min protein content.

Allergens: This product contains Gluten. May also contain traces of other allergens

We are the local distributor of Wholegrain Milling Company's Flour.