Wholegrain Milling Company

Sustainable Light Sift Rye Flour 12.5kg



Sustainable Whole Rye Flour is gently ground in a stone mill. The grain passes through a stone mill and all of the bran, germ and endosperm is retained. Rye has a distinct flavour profile and gives a darker baked product than wheat flour. Rye has a low gluten content.

It is wonderful for all your home-baked breads, and perfect for making bread, pizza bases, rolls and other baking recipes.

Ingredients: Sustainable Rye. N/A protein content.

Taste: Strong Rye/ Cereal flavour

Texture: Soft flour with fine bran

We are the local distributor of Wholegrain Milling Company's Flour.

Best Before Date: 28 Feb 2025