Wire Monkey

Wire Monkey Lame - Poco


The Poco lame is the smallest straight-blade lame in the world! It's made of American Black Walnut and is meant for blade holders, specifically the ones who were stubborn enough to dare not embrace the UFO or Arc lames! You know who you are! So, I took it as a personal challenge to go even smaller: maintaining our design philosophy of no knobs, beautiful aesthetics, no plastics, simple. You keep your thumb on the blade while scoring, intimate, but it's much safer than handling a bare blade. And when you're done, just tuck the blade inside for safe keeping.

All Pocos are made in Wire Monkey's family owned small shop in Fairfield, Connecticut USA. We believe in fair wages, using no plastics or harsh chemicals and giving back to the baking community.

One Astra Platinum coated double edge razor blade included; wrapped in paper. Please be careful when handling.

No chemicals are used to treat our wooden lames. Instead, they are soaked in our fractionated coconut oil prior to packaging, to prevent them from drying out. Oil seepage onto the packaging envelope will occur, and is normal. 

Happy Scoring!

10% of the profit will go to supporting the people of Ukraine, along with other organizations promoting peace around the world. 

*Featured photo of a beautiful loaf scored with the Poco lame from Rachel Pardoe @sourdough_enzo