Tuerong Farm

Tritordeum Flour (Yellow Flour)



Tritordeum is a fertile amphipoid cereal that originates from the backcrossing of a wild South American barley, Hordeum Chilense, with durum wheat. It combines a bunch of desirable genetic traits from the parent lines, some of them 'greater than the sum of the parts', including higher protein, fibre, oleic acid, arabinoxylans and carotenoids like lutein, the latter resulting in greater total antioxidant activity. It also offers a nitrogen efficiency that makes for lower input, smaller footprint growing.

Product Information

Striking flavour and attributes in health, nutrition and agronomic efficiency yellow flour. Research published this year also observed a much lower presence of immunotoxic peptides than in wheat, although the benefits for sufferers of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and IBS needs to be studied in depth.

*Open for pre-orders only. Expected delivery date of 31 October 2023.