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Berkelo Ancient Grains Sourdough Pasta 400g



  • Emmer Twists: Emmer Wheat has origins in Ancient Egypt, in 9700 BC Emmer was one of the first cereals to be domesticated in Levant (modern day parts of the Middle East). It is an ancient member of the Farro family and like other ancient grains is higher in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Khorasan Macaroni: Khorasan (a.k.a Kamut Wheat) has origins in the Fertile Crescent region of the Middle East, Khorasan is an ancient relative of durum wheat (a modern wheat staple) but with grains twice the size. Khorasan has it all, including diverse cook-ability, a rich taste and higher quantities of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals compared to modern wheat varieties.
  • Spelt Shells: With origins in the Middle East/ Mesopotamia region around 9000 years ago, Spelt is an ancient member of the Farro family. Spelt contains more fibre than the average grain and today is most known and loved by the modern grain eater for its digestibility, which has been supported by scientific research.


  • Emmer Twists: Buttery, wholesome, sweet
  • Khorasan Macaroni: Creamy, nutty, subtle
  • Spelt Shells: Nutty, hearty, nutrient-rich

Recommended Pairings

  • Emmer Twists: Tomato based sauces. It’s Our favourite for pasta bakes and pasta salads
  • Khorasan Macaroni: Your favourite cheese based sauce, carbonara, seafood
  • Spelt Shells: Very versatile, from full-bodied sauces like a ragu to burnt butter emulsions


Stoneground flour with a large percentage of wholewheat, long fermentation, slow air-dried.

Single-origin Farm & Wheat-source

  • Emmer Twists: Matthew Barnes; 9 Mile farm, Capella, QLD
  • Khorasan Macaroni: Greg Morris & family; Tuppence farm, Goolhi, NSW
  • Spelt Shells: Ben Smith; Thornton Farm, Trangie, NSW